Police seek mechanical help after kitten loses leg on Auckland motorway, hides underneath patrol car

Police escorted a furry feline to a Holden dealership in Auckland on Wednesday after the unexpected passenger tucked himself into a cavity under the patrol car.

The kitten had found his way to the northwestern motorway on the day and was causing chaos among commuters.

Police arrived at the scene following reports and unfortunately, the kitten had already lost his leg.

With the help of five members of public, police attempted to catch the furry feline but had no luck.

Although he was on three legs, the kitten managed to climb underneath the stationary patrol car, making him unreachable despite significant efforts.

Police had no choice but to escort the hiding feline to Giltrap Motors, where a team of mechanics worked to retrieve him.

“The mechanics were incredible and it was like watching a Formula 1 pit crew team work on a racing car with the speed they removed the exhaust and parts of the suspension to get to the poor kitten,” said Constable Warwick Lyes.

A team of mechanics were dedicated to retrieving the furry feline from his hiding place. Source: NZ Police

The kitten was delivered to Glenfield Vet Clinic and has now been treated for his injuries.

He already has several adoption offers and is currently awaiting a new home.

The furry feline hid himself inside a police patrol car refusing to come out. Source: NZ Police

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