Police prosecutor claims she wasn't given an opportunity to outline case to keep Akshay Chand locked up


A police prosecutor claims she was not given an opportunity to outline police concerns in court on the day the man who went on to kill Christie Marceau was granted bail.

Chand eventually went on to kill 18-year-old Christie Marceau while he was on bail.
Source: 1 NEWS

This statement was made as part of the evidence Sergeant Rhona Stace gave at the Auckland District Court today, on day three of the inquest into the death of the 18-year-old in November 2011.

Thirty-three days before killing Marceau, Akshay Chand was granted bail on charges of kidnapping and threatening her with a knife just months earlier.

The inquest today heard from Sergeant Stace that on 5 October 2011 her "instructions were that bail had been vigorously opposed by police when the file was previously called and that police remained opposed to bail being granted".

She also confirmed she received additional pieces of information from the officer in charge of the case, Detective Aaron Iremonger, which were prepared to bolster police opposition.

This included a transcription of the police interview with Akshay Chand, and a map demonstrating there was one kilometre between the Marceau home and the proposed bail address.

Stace claims she handed this to the Registrar, only to have the material returned to her a short time later.

Sergeant Stace went on to reveal that the additional information wasn't seen by Judge McNaughton at all.

During proceedings she says it became "apparent" to her that he had "moved beyond the issues that had been raised by way of police opposition to bail".

"Instead His Honour was now focused on Mr Chand's treatment and the ability of mental health services to manage him at home on strict bail conditions".

Stace claims she was not given any opportunity to outline police opposition to bail, but understood the court was well aware of the police reasons.

In cross-examination, Rhona Stace was accused of making assumptions in regards to this, and was questioned as to why she didn't speak up.

Sergeant Stace responded that it was not necessary to bring up matters that she understood were already "crystal clear".

"The court could be under no illusion as to what our opinion was in regards to bailing Chand"  she told the inquest.

She said police concerns were outlined from day one, particularly in relation to the bail address.

"The issues of proximity were thoroughly canvased" she said.

At Chand's four previous court appearances he was remanded in custody.

His bail on 5 October 2011 was granted under strict conditions, including a 24 hour curfew.

A month later he stabbed Christie Marceau to death.

The inquest will continue tomorrow.

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