Police presence at accused gunman's Dunedin home 'unnerving' for neighbours

The police investigation into the Christchurch mosque shootings is also focussing on a house in Dunedin which has been revealed to be the home of the accused gunman Brenton Tarrant.

Police arrived last night at the property in the Dunedin suburb of Anderson's Bay after the terrorist attack in Christchurch that has claimed 49 lives.

Armed police and the bomb squad descended on the house, the sudden attention drawing out neighbours, shocked and surprised to learn of the connection to the Christchurch attack.

"Bizarre, honestly who would have thought? It made you think, who are your neighbours? You don't know what's going on where. This could have happened anywhere," neighbour Angela Whiles-Humphreys told 1 NEWS.

Today the Armed Offenders Squad stood guard as detectives combed through the property Tarrant lived in.

"It's unnerving seeing them there 'cause they were actually quite big guns," Ms Whiles-Humphreys said.

Dunedin's Mayor Dave Cull met with leaders from the city's Muslim community today.

"Police have made it very clear that public safety is paramount. They're thinking about, and empathising with young Muslim women for instance, who are quite conspicuous and feeling vulnerable," Mr Cull said.

That reassurance was some small comfort to those trying to come to terms with the terror attack.

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    Police arrived last night at the property revealed to be the home of Brenton Tarrant, the man accused of the terrorist attack. Source: 1 NEWS