Police officer's wife tells of anguish waiting to hear from her husband during Whangarei fatal shooting tragedy




The wife of a police officer who was one of the first on the scene during the fatal Whangarei shooting last week, has posted an open letter to Facebook after reading criticism about the police response.

Reporter Helen Castles is in Whangarei with the latest on the shooting of two women on Wednesday.
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Quinn Patterson shot and killed property manager Wendy Campbell and her daughter Natanya at his Mt Tiger Rd rental property in Whangarei on Tuesday.

The Whangarei mother-of-two posted her letter to The Mother Hood NZ Facebook group on Friday, outlining the agonising wait to hear from her husband while following the tragedy on the news.

The woman who shared the letter wants to remain anonymous, but posted the following words in her letter.

The tiny rural settlement near Whangarei has been left in shock following yesterday's fatal shooting.
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"Today my husband braved an unpredictable gunman. Along with his colleagues, they were the first responders who ran in to attempt life saving support for two beautiful women, all the while very aware they were being watched and most likely about to be targeted themselves; a situation that would have most people in flight mode.

"Tragically those ladies never made it home to their loved ones despite EVERY effort and determination on behalf of our emergency services."

A third person, a male contractor, is in a stable condition in Whangarei Hospital, while the gunman is believed to be dead inside the house.
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She went on to talk about the impact of not knowing if your loved one is safe has on the family watching at home.

"What people fail to forget are those men (and women) dressed in black (and blue) from head to toe, are regular people. They have partners sitting at home refreshing every media source possible for updates.

"Often the first we hear of our men being at a job is via the internet. They have children asking when Daddy will be home, a question which is impossible to answer with any certainty."

She closed the heartfelt open letter with a plea to others posting on social media to think twice before criticising police.

"The next time you see a member of the AOS on the news, the Police, or any other emergency service for that matter, spare a thought for the families at home waiting desperately for news.

"Our family are out there on the streets serving and protecting your family, so please show some RESPECT. From one very thankful Police Wife."

The whole open letter can be viewed at the following link: Police wife's plea for respect.

They were investigating complaints about a structure on the property said to be used by Quinn for target practice.
Source: 1 NEWS

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