Police offer embarrassing apology for 'tourist' driver botch-up

Waikato police have been forced to apologise for their actions towards a 'tourist' caught driving with a kayak tied horizontally across his car roof over the weekend.

A man, believed to be New Zealander Jonathan Waters, was pulled over on Sunday by an officer who wished to speak to him about the danger his kayak was causing to other motorists.

Police say the man was let off with a warning because the officer speaking to him assumed he was Irish and no-one checked his ID.

In a statement, police condemned the man's actions and said that it was the latest in a string of road accidents that foreign tourists had been responsible for.

'What were you thinking?': Police shocked at tourist driver

However, in a post in which he linked ONE News' reporting of the events, Mr Waters slammed police for their assumption.

"So apparently I am an Irish tourist who decided that tying my kayak onto the car sideways was the plan A of the day," wrote Mr Waters.

"Good old Kiwi cops and their direct quotes of immense untruthfulness. And no mention of the twisted metal that was the roof racks, nor the storm that caused it."

According to Mr Waters' Facebook page, he is actually from Auckland and a former student of Selwyn College.

Waikato police have since released a statement apologising for the mistake in communication.

"Waikato Police wish to offer an unreserved apology to any persons of Irish descent we may have offended."

However, they say that irrespective of the man's nationality, his actions were dangerous and the officer at the scene wanted to prevent a possible crash.

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