Police 'not in a position' to legally pursue Auckland pastor who called for homosexuals to be shot




Police have announced they are "not in a position" to pursue charges against the Auckland pastor who called for homosexuals to be shot because he has not committed a criminal offence.

In a statement released this afternoon, police said they have finished making enquiries into Westcity Baptist Church pastor Logan Robertson, who caused public outrage after footage of him saying gay people should be shot was discovered on Facebook.

"We have taken extra precaution with this case given the individual’s comments. This has included discussing with him the safety of our community and his personal safety," a police spokesperson said.

"Police have considered the appropriate legislation and sought a legal opinion on the matter and we are not in a position to pursue the matter any further as no criminal offence has been committed."

Robertson hit the headlines this week after online footage from July was discovered in which he called for gay people to be shot, and women, such as Jacinda Ardern, to "get in the kitchen where women belong".

Human Rights Commissioner Dr Jacki Blue told the NZ Herald she thought the pastor's video was "hateful".

"To use this language is not only hateful and shameful, it is un-Kiwi and has no place here," Dr Blue said.

The New Zealand Baptist Union’s national leader Reverend Craig Vernall has also condemned Robertson's comments.

He says he became aware of Robertson’s church when it started back in 2014 with only four to five people in the congregation.

It's not known how many people attend his church but the Facebook page has nearly 1,300 likes.

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