Police name gunman, after officers shot at in Morrinsville as reinforcements join manhunt




Police have named the gunman they're hunting after he opened fire on police in Morrinsville early Sunday morning.

Rollie James Heke

He's 36-year-old Rollie James Heke.

Heke allegedly sprayed a police car with bullets from a semi automatic rifle.

Police say no one was injured in the gunfire, which happened on Kuranui Road, to the south of the town.

Police reinforcements have joined the Armed Offenders Squad in Waikato tonight as they hunt for the gunman.

He's been on the loose since the incident shortly after midnight Saturday. 

Police have tonight blocked off Studholme St, in Morrinsville.

"We know you're in there" and "you will not be harmed", are being directed to an occupant in a property on Studholme St, as police continue to search for Heke.

Police said: "There's no reason to be afraid. Come out with your hands up now. You're under arrest."

Police have been examining the cars involved in the shooting which took place early Sunday morning.
Source: 1 NEWS

Police say Heke is believed to be armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

Any member of the public who sees Heke or knows where he is is being asked to call 111 immediately.

Police say Heke is actively avoiding police and is known to have links to Hamilton, Auckland and Tauranga.

There are several existing warrants for his arrest for methamphetamine related offences and breaching bail conditions.

Police have reminded anyone who is assisting Heke to avoid apprehension that they are committing a criminal offence and could face charges themselves.

The two passengers in the gunman's car are being questioned.

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