Police Minister compares crime notes in London

New ways to combat crime and violence could be coming from the United Kingdom after NZ's police minister met with heads of crime and police agencies in London.

The New Zealand Police Minister is learning new ways to deal with crime from UK cops. Source: 1 NEWS

Judith Collins visited a prison as well as meeting with senior officials on a fact finding mission in Britain.

"It's also about finding anything else that they're doing here in Britain that might be of use to us or even challenging some of our ideas," Ms Collins told ONE News Europe Correspondent Emma Keeling.

The police and corrections minister visited the national crime agency and metropolitan police while also swapping ideas about how to deal with domestic violence.

"Last time I was here I got the idea about the Clare's Law, police being able to advise a potential victim about the background of person she was living with," Ms Collins said.

And the minister was able to share a current pilot scheme New Zealand police are running, using smartphones to record victims' statements in their homes immediately following police intervention.

"That is something they're very keen on looking at here (UK)," says Ms Collins.

Domestic violence costs New Zealand $7 billion a year and the minister says she's been looking at Britain's programmes around early intervention - particular those focussed on gang violence.

"Our prison directors tell me that 90 per cent of our prisoners are themselves victims of family violence. particularly as children."

Ms Collins says a big part of the problem is that a lot of violence is not reported.

"At least in New Zealand people are feeling better able to come forward and say it's not ok to beat up your family members.

"We're further ahead than many countries because we acknowledge it as a crime."