Police issue warning after 'unprepared' trampers rescued from Remarkables

Two men were lucky to be rescued after an ill-prepared, late-night hike near Queenstown went horribly wrong.

Source: 1 NEWS

Despite heavy rain and flooding warnings in the area, the men, both in their 20s, decided to head out to the Remarkables' mountain rain yesterday afternoon.

Even when they passed a sign warning the trek would take between six and eight hours, they decided to press on.

They ended up getting stuck at the Wye Creek Valley, a fair distance from their planned end goal of the base of the Remarkables ski field.

Acting senior sergeant Steve Watt told 1 NEWS the two were incredibly unprepared.

"Later that night and in snow one of the men called his parents but there was no reception," he said.

"However, closer to midnight they managed to text a parent who contacted police."

They were rescued at around 1.21am this morning, police say - with the help of Southern Lakes Helicopters and the Wakatipu SAR Cliff rescue team.

Now Mr Watt has a warning for anyone planning a similar hike.

"Prior to a trip such as this, gain as much information as possible about the area, equipment requirements and preparation in terms of emergencies," he says.

"Never hesitate to turn around after reaching a point where you feel you may not be able to continue due to change in weather or circumstances."

He urges people to plan their trips properly, bringing the correct equipment and making sure they're prepared for all condition, whether it's a multi-day tramp or a day-walk.