Police issue warning to 5G protestors to abide by coronavirus restrictions

There are 5G protests planned throughout the country today, but police are warning those thinking of attending to abide by the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Source: 1 NEWS

Today at midday, there are events from Northland to Otago.

Protestors are asked to wear protective gear, including masks and gloves, to leave children at home and to maintain two-metres distance at the events.

A police spokesperson told 1 NEWS they were aware of the events and would respond to any issues if required.

"We would remind people of the Alert Level 4 restrictions, which remain in place and require people to stay home, except for essential travel to buy food or for medical reasons," the spokesperson said.

The four-week lockdown period means no one outside of their "bubble", or who they live with, can meet within two metres.

Under the rules, people are allowed to leave home if they are an essential worker travelling to or from work, if they are going to get groceries and essential supplies or for exercise while maintaining two-metres distance from others.

Police have also warned those planning on heading to holiday homes over the Easter break that they are no allowed.