Police investigation underway after toddler punched at Auckland supermarket




Police are investigating an incident at a supermarket in Wairau Park, Auckland where a toddler was allegedly hit in the head on Sunday. 

A facebook post by the boy Theo's father Shane Maddren reads: "My 1.6 year-old son was hit in the side of the head with a closed fist from a young man who we believe was intellectually disabled".

In a statement by police yesterday they say: "Police received a report of this nature yesterday afternoon".

"(An) 18 month old was assaulted by an unknown male offender inside a Wairau Road supermarket. Police are investigating."

Shane Maddren goes on to say although Theo son was confused by the attack he didn't cry and that the 'man left with his dad/carer ...he continued kicking and pushing things off shelves".

Theo was later taken to hospital for vomiting but this was thought to be a viral infection and has now "been given the all clear to go home".

Mr Maddren goes on to say there is "no malice towards the boy and his father or carer" and she just wants to make sure he has support.

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