Police investigating slaying of Upper Hutt woman Lois Tolley have list of 12 suspects

Saturday marks one year since Upper Hutt woman Lois Tolley was brutally killed in her home.

She was shot at point blank range and stabbed on December 9 in what police say was an "execution".

Lois Tolley was shot and stabbed in her home, and police are confident their investigation is making progress. Source: 1 NEWS

Yet, despite 12 months passing with no arrests, Detective Senior Sergeant Glenn Barnett says he remains "absolutely confident" police will find her killers.

His team has worked through more than 130 people of interest, narrowing them to a list of 12 men and women involved in either planning or killing Ms Tolley or assisting her killers after the attack.

Cathrine MacDonald, the mother of Lois Tolley, appealed for help today in the search for her daughter's killers. Source: 1 NEWS

This has allowed police to piece together a "full picture" of what had happened but more evidence was still needed to lay charges, Det Sen Sgt Barnett said.

"Over the course of the investigation we have spoken to at least 15 people," but up until this point, this group had refused to co-operate with the investigation, he said.

"We are seeing this attitude slowly changing with a number of people starting to come forward with valuable information.

"However, we still need more of the people, who have spoken with the offenders, to contact us."

It comes after Lois Tolley's mother, Cathrine, and more than 50 friends gathered in an Upper Hutt park on October 10 this year to remember her.

The 30-year-old was shot dead at point blank range in her home, no arrests have been made. Source: 1 NEWS