Police investigating online death threats against high-profile Auckland councillor

Police are investigating a torrent of social media abuse aimed at Auckland Councillor Penny Hulse, including a Facebook post saying she should be shot.

The former deputy mayor says the comments are the worst she's seen in 27 years in public office and while politicians are well used to abuse, this goes too far.

Many of the posts are too vile to repeat publicly and have now been taken down.

Some are derogatory gendered attacks using the worst language imaginable, while others accuse her of corruption.

Ms Hulse says the comments directed at her are far nastier than anything her male counterparts receive, and Mayor Phil Goff agrees.

He says women cop the worst abuse and the people who post such rubbish are "pathetic".

Auckland Council security staff referred the Facebook comments to police, who are now investigating.

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It comes amid rising concerns that social media abuse could lead to real-life violence. Source: 1 NEWS