Police investigating after claims of a bomb threat made towards Canadian alt-right speakers

Police are investigating a claim that a bomb threat was called in yesterday for the Auckland venue that Canadian alt-right speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux were due to talk at last night.

The bomb threat claim was made today over Twitter after the pair's show at Auckland's Powerstation was cancelled last night.

"Police are aware of this social media statement and are investigating," a police spokesperson said in a statement.

The unnamed person who made the threat has since told the NZ Herald the claim was a joke which was taken "out of context".

The controversial pair's talk was cancelled just hours before they were due to appear.

Police appeal for information after shots fired near Te Araroa Police Station in East Cape

Police are appealing the public for information after shots were fired near Te Araroa Police Station, in East Cape on the North Island, on Thursday.

Officers and the Armed Offenders Squad responded to an incident in the vicinity of the station on Rata Street at around 10.30pm on August 2.

The sole police officer who was in the building at the time of the incident was unharmed but a nearby police vehicle was damaged.

The investigation is ongoing.

Any members of the public who saw or heard unusual activity on or around Rata Street at 10.30pm has been advised to call Sergeant Wayne Beattie on 06 831 0700.

New Zealand Police Source: 1 NEWS


'Their views are not shared by this country' – PM Jacinda Ardern on Canadian alt-right speakers

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the reaction of New Zealanders to Canadian alt-right speakers who were due to talk in Auckland shows the country does not share their views.

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux's talk was cancelled just hours before they were due to speak at Powerstation in Auckland last night following protests.

Ms Ardern, who was holding baby Neve when she spoke to reporters a Wellington Airport today, said she was proud of the reaction of New Zealanders to the pair. 

"I think we're hostile to their views," Ms Ardern said.

"They're here because there were no grounds to block them being here. That does not mean that we welcome their views."

"I think you'll see from the reaction they've had from New Zealanders that their views are not those that are shared by this country and I'm quite proud of that,” the Prime Minister added.

Ms Ardern was arriving back in Wellington after six weeks of maternity leave.

Ms Ardern flew back to Wellington today following six weeks of maternity leave. Source: 1 NEWS