Police investigating after anti-Islam leaflets dropped in Auckland

Police are investigating the distribution of anti-Islam material in Auckland letterboxes.

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A Mount Roskill resident says it has left her scared and concerned. Source: 1 NEWS

A Sri Lankan woman living in Mt Roskill, who didn't want to be identified, told 1 News she saw someone leaving the leaflet in her letterbox.

She was so concerned about the material she took it to police.

"I think they are taking it serious, they came immediately," she said.

Before the Christchurch terror attacks, she'd never seen such material.

Mt Roskill is one of Auckland's most diverse suburbs.

Police have taken fingerprints and have canvassed the neighbourhood to try and identify who delivered the material. The Pamphlet appears to originate from American evangelical Christian Jack Chick, who was known for his anti-Islam, anti-Judaism, anti-Catholic cartoons.

The New Zealand Muslim Association president Ikhlaq Kashkari says he's pleased the police are taking it so seriously.

"It's quite a significant change from the past. when i've reported that messages and emails that are coming through, they've said they are just psychological issues.

"We have been encouraging people to report, because we've had the silent majority not speaking for some time so we're encouraging New Zealand and the community to discuss these things," he said.

Mr Kashkari says we must remember these are just fringe elements.

Police are urging anyone with similar concerns to contact them and say they are taking the matter seriously.