Police indicate that AR-15s could be banned entirely – despite modifications

Police have given the first real indication that semi-automatic AR-15s, the type of gun used in the Christchurch mosque attacks, could be banned entirely under the new gun legislation.

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It follows weeks of confusion among gun dealers and owners. Source: 1 NEWS

Police sent through a statement today saying they are "not aware" of any way a gun owner can legally convert a semi-automatic gun into a pump-action or lever-action weapon.

It follows weeks of confusion among gun dealers and owners who still believe they can safely and legally convert their firearms.

A long-time AR-15 dealer based in Rotorua said he believes that under the gun laws he can create a legal version of the prohibited firearm.

"We believe they fit within the new Arms Act and we'll be producing these and making them readily available to our customers," Gun Supplies Owner Don Perry told 1 NEWS.

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Gun owners are calling on authorities to clear up the confusion over the high-powered firearms ban. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Perry has welcomed the offer by police to inspect his modifications and is confident they will pass any investigation.

One of the most experienced gunsmiths in New Zealand agrees with Mr Perry, saying welding can make the conversion permanent.

"Like all New Zealand law, it's to be read in plain English, and it definitely makes provision for these things to be converted so that normal law abiding shooters can continue with their chosen sport without breaking the law," Rod Woods said.

The question now is whether, with all this confusion, gun owners will stay at home when the buy-back begins in Christchurch on Saturday.