Police hunting for 'highly mobile' West Coast man with access to firearms

Police are hunting for a man considered "highly mobile" and a "risk to the public" who they believe has access to firearms.

Daniel Fincher, 36, has been described by police as "actively trying to avoid arrest".

"Police are urgently seeking Daniel Fincher who is wanted for arrest," Police said in a statement.

"Fincher is believed to be in the West Coast and Tasman areas however he is highly mobile with contacts across the country.

"Fincher is a risk to the public, is believed to have access to firearms and should not be approached.

"If you see him please call 111 immediately."

Police also added anyone who may be assisting Fincher in avoiding them is reminded such action is a criminal offence and they may be liable for prosecution.

Daniel Fincher.
Daniel Fincher. Source: Supplied