Police enlist the help of Wellington Paranormal to get lockdown message across

One of the challenges for New Zealand police is letting everyone in the community know, because not everyone is actively following the news, that there is a coronavirus lockdown in place. 

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In day one of the lockdown, police are turning to social media to target younger people. Source: Seven Sharp

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said yesterday they have found people roaming the streets completely unaware of four week lockdown restrictions.

As of Thursday (March 26) for the next four weeks New Zealanders have to stay at home, barring neighbourhood outings for exercise and essential tasks like food shopping. These Covid-19 alert level four measures are in place to physically distance Kiwis from one another to break the coronavirus transmissison chain.

Despite that, most people appear to be complying with the Government's rule and staying in their bubble according to Commissioner Bush. 

Those high up in the police have come up with a social media campaign to reach a younger group of people. 

They're enlisting the help of one character from the cult hit TV show Wellington Paranormal to help drive home the message. 

Watch the full video above to see the sneak peek.