Police 'disgusted' with actions of 'idiots' involved in South Auckland pool brawl




A brawl in the car park of a South Auckland pool yesterday in which a man's head was stomped on has left police "disgusted with the actions" that took place.

Counties Manukau Inspector Dave Glossop said the fight, which first emerged in a video posted online yesterday, was between four people, two each from opposing sides.

A police car attended the incident in a short amount of time and pepper spray was deployed to break up the fight.

One man was knocked to the ground and had his head stomped on, with police particularly concerned with capturing the man doing the kicking.

Police were working with Massey Pool management to identify the four "idiots" involved.

They had "obtained good video footage" of the incident and those involved would be spoken to in due course.

Mr Glossop said it was unlikely to be a gang incident and that people were "using the word gang too liberally".

"It is a very unfortunate incident... the pool is a place a lot of families frequent."

A post on the Counties Manukau Police Facebook page says: "Police are disgusted with the actions of these individuals especially in a place frequented by families."

This time of year was the "perfect storm" for fights and violence with holidays and alcohol consumption seeing a rise in this type of behaviour.

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