Police deny turning Nicky Hager's house 'upside down' during search, court hears

The Crown lawyer representing the New Zealand Police has claimed the search of journalist Nicky Hager's house was "reasonable, courteous and lawful", day three of a hearing at the High Court in Wellington has heard.

Nicky Hager Source: Associated Press

Journalist Nicky Hager is seeking a judicial review of what his lawyers describe as a "raid" at his home last October.

Hager claims his journalistic privilege and rights to privacy were breached when police seized documents containing his sources.

The search was triggered by a complaint from blogger Cameron Slater claiming his emails were hacked.

Crown lawyer Brendan Horsley today told the court the search was not a "turning upside down" of Hager's house and was carried out in a "polite and friendly way," in the presence of Hager's lawyers.

"The search was conducted in the least possible intrusive manner, particularly given the broad claim of privilege over almost everything in this house," Mr Horsley said.

Mr Horsley said police had no direct contact with Hager because they had no telephone contact number for him.

The hearing continues.