Police begin nationwide gangs crackdown aimed at stopping flow of illegal guns

Police have today announced a nationwide crackdown on guns held by gangs and organised crime groups.

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The key focus will be investigating and disrupting the illegal supply of firearms. Source: 1 NEWS

Operation Tauwhiro's key focus will be focused on the investigation and disruption of the illegal supply of firearms which is "enabling firearms violence", Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said today in a statement.

It includes the "illegal manufacture, modification and supply of firearms to gangs and organised crime groups".

The long-term, nationally-coordinated operation will see each police district run their own "tailored initiative" alongside iwi and community groups to offer support that can help address the underlying causes of violence.

"This may include working with iwi, community NGOs, probation and parole officers, and other community groups to offer services and support that can help address the underlying causes of violence and build greater community resilience," he said.

It comes as gun violence continues to increase year after year.