Pokies addictiveness compared to crack cocaine

A new documentary claims pokie machines are as addictive as crack cocaine.

“It’s the ruthless transfer of wealth from the poorest postcodes, to the owners and to the government,” Ka-Ching documentary producer Mitzi Goldman said.

Last year, New Zealanders lost more than $800 million on pokie machines

In New Zealand the ratio of suburban pokies to people in wealthy areas is one in 465, while in poorer areas is one in 76.

The Australian documentary has revealed the effects of those machines on its users.

An Australian law firm is asking the federal court to make pokie machines illegal, calling the machines "unlawful hypnotism".

"If you lose, there's no sound because you don't want to reinforce that you've lost. The winning sounds make you feel good about what you've done," former pokie music composer Cameron Munro said.

Pokies in pubs and clubs also return a certain amount of winnings back to the community, and last year the total was $300 million in New Zealand.

Kiwis lost over $800 million in pokie machines last year, while in Australia a law firm is lobbying to make them illegal. Source: 1 NEWS