Poetry, rap and 'bold' promises in Greens' final election push

Poetry, rap and "bold" promises saw the Green Party lay down its final push ahead of election day. 

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The Greens closed their campaign tonight with their Covid-19 recovery pitch. Source: 1 NEWS

Co-leader Marama Davidson said Labour's climate policy "doesn't meet the scale we need". 

"We have funding and a plan to actually reduce emissions from agriculture. So we go further and faster than what their plans enable them to do on their own. 

"This is why the Greens are needed - because we will actually meet the scale of the challenges. 

"It’s essential we remain at the table, so all of our communities’ needs are taken into account."

Co-leader James Shaw said the goal is to build on the relationship with Labour in the next three years, should the parties be re-elected and form a coalition or confidence and supply agreement. 

"The climate change, biodiversity and inequality crises existed well before Covid-19," Shaw said. 

"Now is the best chance we’ll get to tackle these challenges, but to make that happen the Greens must be a part of the next Government.

"Our bold ideas would create a resilient Aotearoa which is better placed to withstand the twists and turns of the future."

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Hughes is not leaving shrouded in scandal and he's moving about as far away from politics as you could possibly get. Source: 1 NEWS

The campaign end saw a return of Gareth Hughes, after making the trip from Kamau Taurua island. Davidson also enjoyed the music of hip-hop duo Church and AP. 

It comes after National's Judith Collins criticised the Green Party today