PM's answers over Clare Curran resignation 'incredibly misleading' – Simon Bridges

The Opposition today labelled the Prime Minister "incredibly misleading" for not disclosing Clare Curran's Ministerial resignation during an interview on Friday morning. 

However, Jacinda Ardern contested that it was "only right" that time be given for an MP to inform family and staff, before news of the resignation goes out to the public. 

Simon Bridges asked today in Question Time if Ms Ardern was "satisfied with the answer she gave" during the interview on Newztalk ZB. 

Ms Ardern replied: "The question I was asked, 'Are you considering cutting ties with her or firing her?', I was not firing her, I did not fire her, the Minister made a decision to resign from her portfolio."

It was announced Ms Curran was resigning at midday on Friday. 

"Whilst that answer may be technically true, it's incredibly misleading," Mr Bridges said. 

Ms Ardern said if he was suggesting she cancel all interviews,"I don't think that's possible". 

"The Minister formally resigned at the time that I received her formal resignation," she said.

"Before a Minister resigns from their portfolio, of course they may choose to want to inform their family, to inform their staff. It's only right that we allow a member to undertake those things before it is publicly conveyed."

Mr Bridges then asked her, why she did not "just show some leadership and sack Clare Curran?"

"I removed her from Cabinet over the errors that she made. The decision to resign was hers," Ms Ardern said. 

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