PM proud of first 100-days: 'We're laying the foundation for a transformative government'

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is proud of her first 100-days in Government, but says transformation will take time. 

Jacinda Ardern was questioned by Q+A’s Corin Dann about how her Government had impacted New Zealanders. Source: Q+A

On TVNZ1's Q+A this morning, Ms Ardern said they "set out right from the beginning to lay the foundation for the kind of government we wanted to be, and we did it through things like the families' package… tens of thousands of children out of poverty straight off the bat, warming up older New Zealanders’'homes, actually pursuing a change in our economic agenda to lift productivity, to lift trade."

"But actually they are the foundations and it is going to take us a little more time to see that shift."

Host Corin Dann asked how the last 10 months had been transformational for a young couple trying to buy a house in Auckland.

"Because we've said, 'it's not good enough for us to sit and exclaim it's a crisis and we can’t do anything'," Ms Ardern said.

"We're banning foreign overseas buyers, who have no interest in New Zealand’s prosperity or living in New Zealand, from owning a home. We've set up KiwiBuild…"

"What's different about this Government is that we're willing to say, 'The market's failed, we’re stepping in'. We're not willing to stand on the sideline."

Ms Ardern said transformation was "bigger than little, tiny changes".

"If you want to be transformative, actually sometimes you need to sit down and say, 'We'll take the time, get it right, save money in the long run and make sure our safety net is just that."