PM Jacinda Ardern leaves world stunned after attending dinner with Queen in striking korowai




Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has gained major approval on the internet by attending a dinner with the Queen dressed in a striking korowai.

The korowai, a traditional Maori cloak, was loaned to Ms Ardern by the Ngati Ranana London Maori Club.

Earlier today the Prime Minister met with Queen Elizabeth.
Source: 1 NEWS
The Prime Minister said she admires the Queen because she has lived her life - and raised her children - in the public eye.
Source: 1 NEWS
The Prime Minister is being accompanied by her partner Clarke Gayford.
Source: Breakfast
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern met the Queen in London, and delivered a toast to Commonwealth leaders.
Source: 1 NEWS

The Spinoff Atea's Leonie Hayden tweeted, "I try not to publicly fawn over our PM, not cos I don't respect the hell outta her, I'm just terrified of being wrong about her (politicians gonna politician). But for some reason this image makes me tear up a little."

Another Twitter user, Jess Berentson-Shaw, wrote, "Perhaps one of the features of the image that gives people pause is the subversion of what power is & particularly what it has not been. Here is a woman in power who is hapu. Eurocentric cultural stories of power tell us its [sic] the opposite of power. The visual says wanna bet?".

The prime minister made a speech to members of the Commonwealth during the dinner, held at Buckingham Palace.

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