PM hits the phones to push cash for dairy farmers in TPP

The Prime Minister has revealed that he has been hitting the phones to talk to leaders and push the case for Kiwi dairy farmers getting better market access under the controversial TPP trade deal.  

The Government insists it will bear any extra costs and the economic gains from the deal will outweigh it. Source: 1 NEWS

Dairy access is thought to be one of the major sticking points in completing the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, with the likes of Canada and Japan fearful of being swamped by New Zealand dairy products.

Mr Key says he's been presenting the strongest case he can on behalf of a very important industry for New Zealand, although he wouldn't reveal who he'd been calling.

The Government has previously signalled it's not keen to sign up to the 12 nation TPP unless there are gains for New Zealand dairy farmers.

If it gets signed off, it will be the biggest trade deal in the world, giving us access to 11 countries including America. Source: Seven Sharp

The telephone lobbying comes after Mr Key revealed yesterday that signing up to the TPP would most likely mean an increase in medicine costs to New Zealand as it would extend patent times on drugs.

However he said he's confident that the trade benefits of TPP would outweigh any extra costs from extended patents.

Meanwhile Mr Key says he's confident that if the Investor State Dispute clause ends up being in the TPP it will be accompanied by safeguards.

Investor State Dispute Settlements, often included in FTA's, give investors and corporations the opportunity to try to seek compensation from a government if they feel their investment rights have been breached.