PM 'frustrated' recent Covid-19 cases broke isolation rules, but reluctant to threaten 'repercussions'

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is still confident the latest Covid-19 cluster is contained, despite a new community case being announced today — with potentially hundreds more Aucklanders now required to isolate.

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The Prime Minister says they do have the option for legal repercussions for the breaches, but they “aren’t what we want”. Source: 1 NEWS

Today's new community case worked at KFC Botany Downs on Monday — at a time they were meant to be isolating, as the household contact of a then-casual plus contact who was symptomatic.

Three of their siblings were revealed as positive Covid-19 cases on Tuesday and all of the family, including the latest case, were moved to the Jet Park quarantine facility on Tuesday.

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A KFC worker told 1 NEWS head office had told them the fast food outlet had to shut. Source: 1 NEWS

The latest case worked at KFC Botany Downs from 6.30pm on Monday to 12.30am on Tuesday.

Speaking to media today, Ardern admitted she was "frustrated" the cases had continued to work despite being required to isolate.

She said the Government has "some legal footing" to require people to follow the isolation rules and "there are repercussions".

"But actually, repercussions aren't what we want. We want people to do the right thing, because that's what keeps everyone safe."

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Ardern said the Government is confident the cluster is contained, despite the new cases working at times they were meant to be isolating.

"This is a situation where we know the source of the cases, we know where there may have been in contact with others. Contact tracing people's compliance is critical."

More than 1700 people are close contacts due to a confirmed case working at Kmart Botany and going to Dark Vapes East Tāmaki on Friday and Saturday, also at a time they were meant to be isolating.

Those people are required to isolate for 14 days and get tested twice for Covid-19, with their household members also needing to isolate if anyone in the household develops Covid-19 symptoms.

It's not known how many close contacts will be identified from Case L, who worked at the KFC store.

Everyone who entered the store between 6.30pm on Monday and 12.30am on Tuesday is a close contact.

People who went through the drive-through are all being treated as casual-plus contacts, required to isolate for a minimum of five days and get a Covid-19 test.

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The case's 11 coworkers are close-plus contacts, with their household members also ordered to isolate for 14 days.

"Ultimately we're asking now, of course... for everyone who has come in contact to make sure they're isolating and make sure they're testing," Arderm said. 

"They're paying a price for everyone and doing the right thing for everyone."

She's reluctant to threaten action against people who breach the requirements.

"One of the things we need is an environment where people can feel like even if they've made the wrong choice, even if they've gotten tested later than they should've, that they still do what we need them to do," Ardern said.

"If we have a massive pile-in, that creates an environment where people are afraid to get tested, where they may not do what they've got to do."