PM declines Andrew Little's invite for a cuppa to discuss Red Peak

A stalemate has been reached over the Red Peak flag.

John Key and Andrew Little had both said they were prepared to meet to discuss finding a way to make the Red Peak flag be included on the flag referendum ballot paper.

But while Labour has approached Mr Key about a cup of tea, Mr Key is standing his ground.

He says unless Labour are prepared to drop their demands for a yes/no referendum over a flag change, the meeting won't happen.

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"To do that, the Labour party have to stop playing petty politics," Mr Key told reporters today.

He wants cross party support for the law to be changed to allow Red Peak to be added as a fifth.

He said if the Red Peak is not added it'd be the "sole fault" of Andrew Little.

But Mr Little has released the letter he sent to Mr Key, in which he outlined his preferred option – but ended the letter saying he was prepared to "meet with you in good faith and without preconditions, in the interests of coming to a common sense solution".

"Trying to now blame Labour for its botch up is breathtakingly arrogant," Mr Little says.

"We have a chance to put this right. John Key does not seem to want to do that."