PM comforts Kiri Allan in hospital, after day of 'gnarly needles' begins new cancer treatment phase

Labour MP Kiri Allan has entered the next stage in her cancer treatment, topped off with a visit from Jacinda Ardern. 

The 37-year-old was diagnosed with stage-three cervical cancer last month, after a six-centimetre tumour was discovered. 

This week saw the end of her chemotherapy and the beginning of her internal radiation treatment, which she says involved “a day long procedure some very gnarly needles!” 

According to Allan, Jacinda Ardern came to comfort her earlier tonight, having known she was nervous about the procedure. 

“I had been a little scared today so the Boss adorned her hei tiki, ‘Te Manawa o Kuirau’ a piece cut from the same stone as my hei tiki, ‘Te Waiariki o Ngā Atua’, and came for a visit to the hospital tonight after the intense procedure today to bring our hei tiki together.” 

The East Coast MP shared the update on social media, along with photos of the pair together, taking a moment to thank friends, family and hospital staff. 

"I’m overwhelmed with the support I receive at every turn - at the hospital, the incredible staff that have shown so much care at every stage. My whānau aka ‘the angels’ who show up, chucking on silly tracksuits or something to keep me smiling," she wrote.

“The kind words of so many people I may not know, but sending loving and kind thoughts. And my colleagues, always keeping me cheered up with laughs and the latest going-ons.“

Ardern is not the only politician to have visited, with Allan having shared a photo of her and Trevor Mallard a few weeks ago. 

Speaker Trevor Mallard visits Kiri Allan in hospital as she undergoes chemotherapy treatment. Source: Supplied

She also took a moment to pay tribute to the many women in New Zealand who have fought a similar battle against cervical cancer. 

“Today I’m thinking of the many people that have shared their survival stories - you were my inspiration today and I continue this fight with all your love, prayers and strength I get sent daily.”