Pledges slowly bring Kate Sheppard back to life

A national campaign titled #bringbackkate which aims to bring Kate Sheppard back to life as a two metre, 250 kilo, 3D figure is gaining support.

Pledge by pledge Kate comes back to life

Women's Refuge chief executive Heather Henare admires Kate coming to life

The campaign, launched by Women's Refuge, is using social media to encourage the public to sign a pledge supporting an end to violence against woman.

Women's Refuge believes the iconic figure of the 1890s who campaigned for women to get the vote would be horrified by domestic violence in New Zealand, so they've decided to bring her back.

Once a pledge is signed it gets physically added to a sheet of clear acrylic to form a real-life Kate Sheppard. Each pledge will be engraved with names and personal messages.

Sue Lytollis of Women's Refuge told ONE News that Kate has clearly "hit a chord" with the New Zealand public and bringing her back has "made a lot more people get onboard". Three thousand signatures have been collected so far.

She says people can be desensitised with the figures, claiming violence in New Zealand has become normal.

Once Kate is complete, Women's Refuge will launch her to the public in a march to Parliament.