'Please have control of your children' - Auckland salon slams bad parents, raises prices for kids to adult levels

An east Auckland hair salon's owners have become so fed up with misbehaving children they have raised kids' cut prices to the same as adults.

HAiR Salon owners Ritchyrd and Jess Hirst posted on Facebook yesterday asking parents who bring children in to "consider others".

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HAiR Salon owners Ritchyrd and Jess Hirst have decided to start charging children as adults after a "really bad" morning. Source: Seven Sharp

"As of this month ... all kids prices are the same cost as an adult ... Girls cut and blow wave $90, Boys cut $50," they wrote.

"We would appreciate all parents that bring children into our salon to consider others.

"No screaming, no rolling around on stools, no ripping magazines, no treating our property like a playground.

"Please have control of your children ... if you can't and we feel like you are disrespectful, we will increase your bill.

"We have many valued clients that look forward to their time to relax in the salon away from their own children.

"We also as hairdressers do not want to be disciplining your children while cutting their hair.

"If you have any problem with our rules please call 0800 parent helpline."

The post has attracted hundreds of comments and nearly 100 shares, and it received a mixed reaction, with some praising them for taking a stand, while others posted comments saying the tone of the post was off.

"$90? Jesus... I would say why don't you just take my first born ... but it seems you hate kids," one person commented.

"They wont lose business lol ... Loads will get their hair done there knowing there will be no misbehaving kids ... good call," said another.

There are no laws against charging adult prices for children's haircuts, but retailers are not allowed to charge more for goods or service than what they initially advertise.

A message posted online by HAiR Salon
A message posted online by HAiR Salon. Source: Facebook/1 NEWS graphic/Google Streetview

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