Plastic ban just first step towards sustainable shopping, say experts

While the government is looking to phase out the use of single-use plastic bags, marketing and engineering experts say there is more businesses can do to limit packaging.

The government announced yesterday it will be aiming to get rid of the bags by July next year and will likely also include compostable and biodegradable bags.

It is a move that's being supported by the president of Engineers for Social Responsibility, Thomas Neitzert.

"We know they do not degrade in your average environment, compostables only degrade in compost factories, so every bag whether it's degradable or compostable hangs around in the environment for quite a few months and that's when the damage occurs," he said.

Professor Neitzert said a single-use plastic bag ban was a good first step, but there needed to be a conversation around what else needed to go.

"High on my list is single use plastic bottles for water, or there's lots of single packaging in a bigger box, where we really have to think about from a producer's point of view how can we supply more in bulk and don't wrap every single chocolate in a plastic or foil wrapper," he said.

University of Auckland senior lecturer in marketing Mike Lee said New Zealand retailers could learn from practices taking place overseas.

"Like if you buy a toaster, instead of bringing the whole box back home to unpack, in countries like Germany you can leave the whole box there as well as all the styrofoam," he said.

Dr Mike Lee said that approach put more pressure on the retailer and manufacturer, rather than the responsibility lying solely with the consumer to limit packaging.


Kanye West stays silent after being asked if President Trump cares about black people

Kanye West stayed silent after he was asked whether he thinks US President Donald Trump cares for black people.

The rap star was quizzed about Trump during his appearance on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

He discussed his support for Trump and questioned why people criticise the president instead of trying "love".

Kimmel pointed to the policy that separated immigrant families and asked: "You've so famously and so powerfully said 'George Bush doesn't care about black people,' it makes me wonder what makes you think that Donald Trump does, or any people at all?"

West considered the question without answering before the programme went to a commercial break.

Kimmel earlier asked West if he was worried about his wife, Kim Kardashian West, being alone with the president in the Oval Office.

The rapper replied by saying that Mr Trump "is a player".


Man dies after being crushed by steel framing in Auckland

A man has died after being crushed by steel framing this morning in Auckland. 

Fire and emergency services were called to the industrial accident in Ellerslie a little after 8am. 

A St John spokesperson confirmed around 9:30am that a man - believed to be a 55 year-old - had died.

The accident occurred at premises operated by CSP Galvanising and CSP Coating Systems in Ellerslie. CSP Coating Systems is a nationwide steel coating operation.

A spokesperson from WorkSafe NZ has told 1 NEWS that they have been notified of this incident and are conducting initial inquiries.

Police, who were also in attendance, have no details to release at this point.

A man has died in a workplace accident at CSP Coating Systems in Ellerslie, Auckland.
A police car at CSP Coating Systems in Ellerslie. Source: 1 NEWS