'This place has become a monster' - Kiwi bloke builds speedway track in backyard

When Brent Harris started building his own speedway track in a paddock, people thought he was crazy.

Now, Harris is having the last laugh, as drivers come from near and far to race at his Easter event.

Harrisville Speedway is located next to the Air Force base at Ohakea, and is a labour of love for its owner.

"This place has become a monster, once you start you keep going and then you go to the next level you know," he told Seven Sharp, ahead of his one race meet of the year, Winged Thunder 7.

Something of an outlaw, Harris has built the facility to such a high standard drivers say it has some of the best racing you'll see in New Zealand.

Son Zack is hoping to become the first Harris on the tombstone that doubles as a winners board.

"I would like to, he has made me proud with this place, it would be pretty cool to return the favour."

"I came home from school and Dad was in the paddock with a bulldozer, I thought he had gone crazy". Source: Seven Sharp