Pink bids fond farewell to most of NZ- except for one bar in Auckland's Ponsonby

Pop superstar Pink's short but scathing review of an Auckland bar has garnered it widespread attention - and a few keyboard critics who appear to have never set foot in New Zealand.

"Man I've been to some cool bars around the world, and Dead shot on Ponsonby road is not one of them," she said in a tweet to her nearly 32 million followers late last night.

Manager Heather Garland spoke to Seven Sharp.

“One of the crew came in earlier in the day and spoke to Brian over the bar and he told them we just couldn’t take a group that big, and offered to find them somewhere else," she said.

“But they showed up anyway and we couldn’t fit them in.”

Garland said they simply couldn’t cater for 30 people.

“They just went on their way and we didn’t realise there was a problem.”

The put down came shortly after a more gracious tweet focusing on Aotearoa in general.

"Thank you Auckland! Dunedin! New Zealand! What a heavenly trip we've had! You gave me life!!!" she wrote, adding the hashtag #gratitude.

Pink arrived in New Zealand earlier this month, performing before 37,000 at Dunedin's Forsyth Bar Stadium before travelling with her partner and children up to Auckland for an additional six shows.

She celebrated her 39th birthday in Auckland over the weekend, posting photos on Instagram of her Auckland penthouse decked out with balloons and of her holding two "birthday brew drinks" while out on the town.

She eventually found her way to Deadshot, a speakeasy-style bar in Ponsonby. Her one-sentence review was liked nearly 3000 times in the first 10 hours it was on Twitter and received over 100 replies, most from other parts of the world. Many fans replied with suggestions for bars in their own cities, but a few took it a step further.

"Oh my god! I Will never go in To this bar if you my hero @Pink you don't like it!!!!" wrote one Twitter user who resides in France.

Another user took issue with her criticism: "Using your celeb to crush a business, nice".

The pop star did eventually find a bar that she described as "the perfect place in Auckland", but she didn't name it.

"They were closing when we came in, but the bartender had a fire lit, and booze to sell, so he welcomed all 16 of us to celebrate the end of a truly magical journey through New Zealand," she wrote on Instagram overnight. "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing all of us (including my dad and stepmom who flew from Philadelphia) the best time of our lives. Smitten."

Pop star Pink performs in Dunedin on September 1, 2018.
Pop star Pink performs in Dunedin on September 1, 2018. Source: Getty

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    The pop star wasn’t happy her group wasn’t allowed into Deadshot, and let her millions of followers know. Source: Seven Sharp