Pictures: Ute driver seen horsing around Northland, literally

Call it Kiwi ingenuity or just plain stupid but hundreds of people have weighed in on a photo captured up in Northland.

Horse on truck in Northland

Houhora Police first posted the picture on their Facebook page this morning showing a horse riding on the back of a truck in Kaitaia.

'Speechless,' the police captioned the picture which has attracted hundreds of comments both praising the horse and attacking the driver.

"Kiwi ingenuity," wrote Bryan Death. "Wouldn't mind buying this horse," Melinda Little said.

"Never seen anything like it, just stupid and dangerous," wrote Rose Mchpail. "That is most definitely animal endangerment," Angel Marsh said.

Numerous people have recognised the sighting, saying they saw the truck and horse as far as Ahipara, meaning it would've travelled like this for at least 13.4 kilometres on the open road.

While the horse appears steady on the ute, police are concerned about the lack of sides protecting the horse.

"Looking at the horse it seems relaxed - I don't think anyone would deny that. HOWEVER transporting a horse in that manner on that truck with no sides to speak of, on open and at the moment extremely busy roads is just crazy and dangerous to everybody using the road including the horse!!" Houhora Police commented.

"There is nothing to stop that horse or part of it going over the side of the truck. So you can say it's quiet, trained etc - but what if the driver has to slam on the brakes or gets hit by another vehicle.

"Or as someone has said it gets spooked by something like a fire truck and siren? I too have seen other horses transported on the backs of trucks - but never have I seen one on a truck without high sides."

Police say they are conducting inquiries and will make a decision on how to proceed.