Pictures: Chef turns managed isolation meals into fine dining

A man in managed isolation is transforming every breakfast, lunch and dinner he receives in his Wellington hotel from a boxed meal to a plate that would not be out of place in a fine dining restaurant.

Plating by Sam Low. Source: Facebook/Sam Low

Sam Low returned home from Melbourne almost two weeks ago.

He told Morning Report it was a creative outlet and a way of making food look way more delicious.

Plating by Sam Low. Source: Facebook/Sam Low

"It started as a joke with my friends in Melbourne and as a farewell gift I was given a really nice chef knife and tweezers and was just 'why not just re-plate every single meal that I get and make it look boujee (a slang word that is an abbreviation of the word bourgeoisie)'.

"The breakfast stuff has been my favourite - you can actually eat those things cold."

Low has been in the coffee industry for the past 10 years but food has been his "side passion".

Plating by Sam Low. Source: Facebook/Sam Low

"I used to run a contemporary Chinese pop-up in New Zealand. The pandemic made me re-evaluate my career in coffee."