Pictures: Blood Moon lights up NZ sky

New Zealanders were treated to a spectacular phenomenum last night when the moon shone blood red across the country.

A rare lunar eclipse caused a blood moon last night. Source: 1 NEWS

The lunar eclipse was at its maximum at 11.55pm when the moon was high in the sky.

The view of the lunar eclipse beginning in Christchurch City. Photo supplied by Alison Holden.

From the Christchurch skies by Alexandrah Du Barry.

The eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when the Earth, Moon and Sun are in perfect alignment, blanketing the Moon in the Earth's shadow.

From the cloudy skies of Auckland. Photo supplied by Kristen Buckley.

Total lunar eclipses have been labelled 'Blood Moons' for their reddish tint.

Taking off in Masterton at 11.55pm. Photo supplied by Hilda Payne.

From the North Shore in Auckland. Photo supplied by Emma Geary.

From the skies of Waikouaiti, Otago, shot at midnight by Ross and Kelly Curtis.

The Blood Moon from Ashburton at midnight. Photo supplied by Lee Sook Ann.

Blood Moon from Russell McIntyre's doorstep in Christchurch.

New Zealand will not see another total eclipse until 2018.

New Zealand wasn't the only country to catch a glimpse of the spectacular red moon. 

Here is the lunar eclipse seen over Tabira Cathedral in Hirado, southern Japan

Photo taken near the "Enlightenment Giving Power" statue by John Gelert, which sits at the top of the dome of the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack, New Jersey.

A lunar eclipse appears over the old red Dallas County Courthouse.