Pianist spreading joy during pandemic by playing in beautiful Tasmania locations

A Tasmanian pianist has drawn comparisons to the elusive street artist Banksy after playing at the most scenic and surprising locations, his pop-up performances lifting the spirits of locals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Kelvin Smith says he got inspiration from the New Zealand film The Piano. Source: 1 NEWS

Kelvin Smith says his inspiration for bringing a little joy into people's lives was the award-winning New Zealand film, The Piano.

He had only recently plucked up the courage to play publicly when he quickly attracted attention for the stunning locations he chooses to perform at.

“A little crowd gathered around and people got into it. I thought okay. I can do this,” Mr Smith said.

One of 11 children, family rules meant they all had to learn the piano, but Mr Smith soon gave it up.

Five years ago, the passion was re-ignited when he saw The Piano for the first time.

But he needed his own piano, the owner of a pre-World War II German model gave it to him on the condition he only played it in beautiful places.

“I'd love to get in touch with her and let her see what her piano is doing,” he said.

Buoyed by positive responses the pianist has now popped up in many of Tasmania's top spots, even employing professional videographers to capture it all.

It's nice to have something creative that people are really appreciating to do, cameraman Mark Thomson said.

He started the project before the Covid-19 outbreak, but it's since intensified his passion for playing outdoors.

Smith's favourite recital so far was at a beach near Hobart, playing to a couple of surprised kayakers.

Now a big star on social media, he's a bit like the anonymous Banksy, preferring to keep the location of his next performance a secret.