Physics prof rebuts concerns about new 5G network, which will start being rolled out in NZ this month

The myths around the 5G network, which will be start being rolled out in New Zealand this month, have been debunked by Auckland University’s professor Shaun Hendy.

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The new cellular network could revolutionise life, but some are concerned about what it may do to our health. Source: Seven Sharp

With doubters sceptical about the new network’s affect on health, the climate and even the health of bees whose hives are near 5G stations, Mr Hendy said it was as safe as existing technologies.

“Radio waves have been around for a long time and that’s the technology 5G is based on and to start with, it’s going to be very similar to existing cellphone technology,” Mr Hendy said.

“We’ve been studying the effects of existing radio cellphone technologies for a very long time and we’ve been unable to find any adverse effects.”

Professor Hendy’s favourite conspiracy theory involved 5G signals bouncing off contrails and leading to mind-control.

“There’s some pretty wacky stuff out there,” he said.

“In science we never say never - we’re never absolutely sure about anything. Yes, it’s new but we’ve been exposed to radio waves through existing technology. It’s going to be just as safe as existing technologies.”