Photographers line up! - Aurora Australis flight taking-off from Dunedin next year

The first ever charter flight to view the Aurora Australis out of New Zealand has been announced to take off from Dunedin next year. 

The first ever charter flight to view the Southern Lights has been announced, to take off from Dunedin. Source: 1 NEWS

It will take around 150 passengers hundreds of kilometres south for a seven hour trip of a lifetime. 

Dr Ian Griffin, a scientist with a passion for astrophotography, came up with the idea of chartering a Boeing-767 to see the Southern Lights' grand view after his recent invitation to do so on the NASA Sofia Observatory.

Dr Griffin says he is sure lots of people will be keen to come along for the photo opportunities.

"Out the windows you're going to see these phenomenal arcs of auroral beauty and that's going to be the real money shot," Dr Griffin says.

World leading astrophotographer Mark Gee has scored a seat on the plane to host a camera masterclass on board the journey to the auroral zone.

Mr Gee says he is really excited by the prospect of such a flight.

"I sort of sent him [Griffin] an email saying 'Hey, what's the story here? How can I get on this flight?'."

Orbit Travel has jumped aboard to sort out the necessary commercial details.

Logistics at Dunedin Airport needed sorting; including ensuring the control tower will be manned at 4am, in time for the aircraft to make a return landing.

However, Dunedin Airport CEO Richard Roberts says the project is "great" and hopes it can happen again in the future.

Tickets are pricey – ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 a seat. But, with the world showing interest already, organisers are confident they will turn the dream flight into reality.