Philip Arps' alleged violent letters will need to be considered as 'fresh evidence' before sentence appeal heard

Violent letters allegedly sent by Philip Arps from prison will need to be considered as "fresh evidence" before an appeal to his sentence can go ahead.

Philip Arps Source: 1 NEWS

On June 18, Arps was sentenced to 21 months jail for on two counts of distribution of footage of the March 15 terrorist attack on Christchurch's Al Noor mosque. 

Arps, 44, is appealing the prison sentence.

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However, in the Christchurch High Court today, Crown Prosecutor Shivani Dayal admitted she hasn’t yet seen the letters, and that if they contain violent content, then they are relevant to Arps’ offending.

Justice Dunningham has given the Crown Prosecutor until Monday to obtain the letter and make a further submission and Arps’ lawyer until Wednesday to respond to this before she makes a decision on the appeal.