Phil Rudd warned he'll go to jail if he drinks or takes drugs during home detention

Phil Rudd has been sentenced at Tauranga District Court to eight months of home detention.

The former AC/DC drummer pleaded guilty in April to charges of threatening to kill and possession of methamphetamine and cannabis

Rudd was convicted today and will be electronically monitored for eight months, and must also complete a rehabilitation programme.

Having walked away from court, Rudd lashed out at the media.

**** off - get a ****ing job - Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd to media

The 61-year-old, who had sought a discharge without conviction on serious charges, will also be subject to post detention conditions for six months.

Judge Thomas Ingram told Rudd that there "was nowhere to hide" and he would be jailed if he was found to have any traces of drugs or alcohol in his system.

He told Rudd that he's clearly been unable to deal with a long standing meth addiction.

Earlier, Rudd's son told Tauranga District Court in an affadavit that his dad "has a heart of gold and wouldn't hurt a fly".

The former AC/DC drummer was sentenced at Tauranga District Court. Source: 1 NEWS

"It's just when the drugs take over, he behaves how he taught me not to," his son says.

In another affadavit read to the court, a music industry insider said: "It's been heart wrenching to an all too familiar sight in our industry...meth psychosis...tears were shed by many who watched from a distance.

The Crown alleged the threatening to kill charges related to Rudd's unhappiness that the launch of his solo album Head Job did not go well last August.

Reporter Nicole Bremner on the upcoming sentencing of former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd in Tauranga. Source: Breakfast

The Crown Prosecutor claimed Rudd was still so angry in September that he wanted the person he held responsible 'taken out' for it.

The man at the centre of the allegations has name suppression. The maximum penalty for threatening to kill is seven years.

In the meantime, AC/DC's global Rock or Bust tour continues without Rudd. 

The band's tour manager Garry Van Egmond is reported to have said Rudd will not be playing in the New Zealand concerts scheduled for Wellington and Auckland in December.