Pets to be allowed on commuter trains in Auckland from Sunday

Aucklanders' furry friends will be allowed on board trains and station platforms from this Sunday.

Auckland Council requested a trial be implemented in the region following the successful introduction of pets on public transport in Wellington last year.

In a survey conducted by Auckland Transport (AT), most commuters voiced their support for pets on public transport, so long as the pets are kept under control, AT said in a statement.

Pets must be enclosed in suitable pet carriers which can be placed on the owner's lap or under their seat, AT said. Travel will only be allowed at off-peak times.

"There are many Aucklanders that may not have access to a vehicle to take their pet to the vet or for when they want to explore the city, this will potentially benefit both the owners and the pets," AT group manager of metro services Stacey van der Putten said.

Councillor Cathy Casey called the news an excellent first step towards normalising pets on all public transport.

"Our pets are an integral part of our lives and I am very pleased that we can now travel with them on off-peak trains across the region. I expect the trial to be a howling success," Ms Casey said.

AT will review all feedback and conduct a survey into customers' experience with the trial. The feedback will help determine the final policy at a later date.