Petrol passes $2.30 per litre hitting new record and prices are forecast to rise

The price of 91 octane petrol has now exceeded $2.30 a litre, the highest price ever.

Source: 1 NEWS

The Automobile Association says prices jumped up by three cents per litre yesterday, in response to rising oil prices.

That's due to reduced exports coming out of Iran ahead of heavy sanctions from the US Government.

While that increase has been predominantly offset by cheaper refined fuel, and a small gain in the New Zealand dollar, we're still forking out more at the pump.

According to the AA, the national fuel price for 91 octane is now $2.329 a litre.

The AA's Mark Stockdale says the latest price jump is unwarranted and doesn't correlate with what's happening in the market.

He's sceptical the rise is down to fuel companies spreading the cost of Auckland's fuel tax across the country's stations.

"It's too soon to say whether it's happening."

Transport Minister Phil Twyford has previously signalled that price-spreading "won't be tolerated", but says there's no evidence to suggest the rest of the country is paying for Auckland's fuel tax.

"We're tracking the data very closely. There is no evidence to suggest that there's any price spreading going on," he said.

"I've got officials monitoring the prices very closely. If there is any indication, then we'll act on it."

With the country-wide fuel tax kicking into effect at the beginning of next month, the AA says prices are forecast to continue to rise.