Petrol may be 'temporarily unavailable' in some places following pipeline disruption, BP warns

BP is warning motorists fuel supplies may run low in some places following last weekend's fuel pipeline disruption.

The problems are mainly affecting availability of premium petrol. 

BP said in a statement they have been, along with others in the industry, managing the supply of fuel out of Auckland's Wiri terminal following reduced operating capacity of the Marden Point Oil Refinery to Auckland pipeline due to the September outage, and increased seasonal demand.

The false-alarm outage last weekend is also a factor in the shortage. 

The Government investigation will have the ability to compel oil companies to provide information. Source: 1 NEWS

BP New Zealand Managing Director Debi Boffa says: "We are doing everything we can to ensure as little interruption as possible to our customers".

BP is trucking fuel into the Auckland region from other terminals and closely monitoring fuel supply at each site.

"Unfortunately some products may still be temporarily unavailable," Ms Boffa said. 

"We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause our customers."

The move raises fears about the pipe's long-term future after it was shut for two weeks by a leak in September. Source: 1 NEWS