Petition lodged to change teen abortion law

Hillary Kieft's 15-year-old daughter never came home from high school one day and had an abortion without her parents' knowledge. Source: Seven Sharp

'The size of it was phenomenal' - West Coast man lands 330kg tuna

Salmon farmer Ben Monk is the talk of the West Coast after landing a monster tuna.

Sixty four kilometers off the Westland coast in the pitch black of night Tony Monk finally hooked the whopping 330kg tuna.

Tony Robinson and Ashly Clarke were also on board.

"I can remember thinking 'the size of this thing' and thinking 'how are we going to deal with this thing, we are going to need help'," Mr Clarke said.

But hooking the fish was only half the battle.

With a rod and reel designed for a fish less than half it's size, the tuna towed them for an hour and a half.

"Tony had to hang on to me to make sure I didn’t go it," Mr Monk said.

Mr Robinson described the size of the tuna as "phenomenal".

It took them three hours to manoeuvre the fish into the boat.

As far as fishy tales goes this one in a lifetime catch will be a tough act to follow.

Ben Monk battled the 330kg, 2.6 meter monster for more than an hour and a half with two of his mates. Source: 1 NEWS


Damning report describes CYFS culture as ‘dump and run’

A new report from the Children’s Commissioner says children in care of Child Youth and Family Services are falling through the cracks. Source: 1 NEWS