Petition of 13,000 against decriminalising abortion to be presented today

A petition against possible changes to the abortion law will be presented to Parliament today.

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More than 13,000 people signed the petition, which opposes decriminalisation of abortion. Source: Q+A

More than 13,000 people signed the petition in opposition of decriminalising abortions.

It comes after the law commission came up with alternative approaches to the law last year.

Justice Minister Andrew Little said earlier this month that abortion law reform announcements would be "within weeks as opposed to months".

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Andrew Little said "there's been work you’d expect to happen within government". Source: Q+A

Meanwhile, hundreds of students and activists are set to march to Parliament in support of female reproductive rights, calling for reform.

The Government is looking at whether to move abortion from the Crimes Act to the Health Act, to see it treated as a health issue.

As it is a conscience issue, MPs are set to vote individually on the changes rather than as a party.

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Abortion is currently in the Crimes Act in New Zealand, and Government is looking at how to make it a health issue. Source: 1 NEWS

The current rules for abortion say they are allowed during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy in cases of serious danger to life, physical health or mental health, incest and foetal abnormality.

Sexual violation is a factor that can be taken into account.

A person needs two certifying doctors to provide certificates to obtain an abortion, and unbiased counselling must be undertaken prior.