Peters told to 'move with the times' after telling National MP to 'keep shouting lady'

Winston Peters was told to "move with the times" after twice referring to a National MP as "lady" during heated questioning over Mr Peters granting a taxpayer funded trip to Antarctica to two businesswomen.

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Speaker Trevor Mallard said what was once acceptable is not anymore. Source: 1 NEWS

The exchange came as National's Deputy Leader Gerry Brownlee asked questions of Mr Peters during Parliament's question time today.

“Why weren’t Antarctica New Zealand staff working on the ice at the time told when they were there rather than being left with the impression the reason for the pair being on the trip was kept very quiet?" Mr Brownlee asked of Bee Lin Chew and her daughter Su Arn Kwek's trip in February this year.

"There was no reason for the staff on Antarctica being told that," Mr Peters began as interjections rained down from the Opposition.

"Well you can scream out as long as you like lady but let me give you the facts, Murray McCully took 130 people down to the ice including staff members" he continued before again addressing the interjections.

"Keep on shouting, keep on making a fool of yourself, keep on shouting lady.

"On the ice they said it was inappropriate and unsafe, that’s the National Party’s record," he said referring back to former National MP Murray McCully's trip to Antarctica.

Speaker Trevor Mallard then rose to voice his concern at Mr Peters' language.

"We are living in times where many of us have sensed change and language which would have once been acceptable is no longer.

"I think referring to a member just as lady is not any longer an appropriate thing to say," he said before being interrupted by an interjection from NZ First MP Shane Jones.

The Speaker kicked Mr Jones out of the House and Mr Peters raised a Point of Order.

"With respect Mr Speaker, calling someone a lady in my view is not denigratory at all, it’s in fact the height of respect and that’s why I use it.

"If I was to use the word 'woman' I would regard that as a put down, if you don’t mind some of us wish to stay with the age of chivalry," Mr Peters said.

"I understand that but it was clear that the comment the Member made was not one appreciated by majority of the House and some of us, Mr Peters, when the times move have to move with them," Speaker Mallard replied putting an end to the issue.

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But the Foreign Minister says the woman, and her daughter, were invited in the hope a donation would be made to a research facility. Source: 1 NEWS

During repeated questioning on the Antarctica trip Mr Peters maintained the goal of including Bee Lin Chew and Su Arn Kwek on it was to hopefully get a donation from them for the running of Scott Base. The pair are closely linked to one of South East Asia's richest families.

Mr Peters said it was up to Antarctica New Zealand to facilitate any donations and not the Government.

During question time Mr Peters pointed to taxpayer funded trips to Antarctica by members of the previous National government, even holding up a photo of former prime minister John Key with a number of journalists in Antarctica in 2013.