'A person who steals a dog and mistreats it is a heartless criminal' - Police

Police are struggling to contain their anger at the treatment of two stolen dogs which have since been returned in the South Island.

Stolen dogs Arlo (left) and Wolf. Source: NZ police

Arlo, a 19-month-old pure bred male bluenose Staffordshire grey coloured dog and Wolf, a 13-year-old black Huntaway/Beardie cross, were taken from locked kennels in Clyde on June 8.

Wolf was found in a ditch on June 13 and is now at home recovering from injuries caused by mistreatment.

On June 17, Arlo was also found on the side of the road.

He's lost weight and is nervous.

“We think this is an awful situation. A person who steals a dog and mistreats it is a heartless criminal," sergeant Derek Ealson from Alexandra Police said.

"We don’t know what has exactly happened to the dogs however the owner is very pleased to have them back."

Police are desperate to find who stole the dogs. A white double-cab ute was seen in the area around the time Arlo was found on Springvale Rd. 

It has black trim, tinted windows and red writing on its side.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 105, quoting file number 210613/3725 or call Crimestoppers on 800 555 111.